Wedding Dress Cleaning & Refurbishing

At Preservation Source we preserve your gown from start to finish. 

Repair is the first step - all loose beads, sequins and snaps are sewn on and holes and tears are repaired before it is cleaned. 

Cleaning is the next step - Do it as soon as possible after the wedding.

One of these methods is chosen depending on your gown WET CLEANING OR DRY CLEANING

WET CLEANING:  This is prefered for gowns made from all types of polyester and cotton fabrics.  It is easier to remove odors and stains and makes the dress smell fresher.

DRY CLEANING:  This is the only method for gowns made from silk, wool, acetate, crepe . 


Important tips about cleaning your Wedding Gown:




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Here is when you need to have a professional wedding dress cleaning and preservation company help you out.

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Actual Client Experience


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