Wedding Dress Preservation

The Preservation Source, a professional wedding gown preservation company, has a vested interest in making sure that you have the best available information for proper wedding dress preservation.  Our experts can preserve your wedding dress (old or new) now for the future.  We professionally repair, clean and store your special dress with museum grade materials.

Storing a wedding dress correctly is not a difficult task, but it does require the right materials and know how for the dress to last for generations.

A question we often receive is: "Am I able to preserve my own wedding dress?" 


Here are some key points on "How to Preserve my own Wedding Dress":

  • Sew on all loose beads, buttons and repair seams, tears
  • The dress must be cleaned before stored, choose wet-cleaning or dry-cleaning
  • Fibers need to breathe - never use any kind of plastic coverings, instead use 100% cotton bags
  • Use padded hangers
  • Use acid-free tissues for interleaving, stuffing and shaping
  • Hanging is preferred, creases and folds in fabric become breaks and tears over time

When should you consult a professional?

  • If you are preserving an antique wedding dress
  • If your dress is detoriated or needs special care
  • If your dress is made of silk fabric
  • If you don't want to do it yourself


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