Scrapbook Albums

The Preservation Source has designed and manufactured the perfect scrapbook album (binder) with slipcase set.  These large scrapbook binders can be used with all 8-1/2x11 pages and are oversized to accommodate tabbed sheet protectors.  Additionally, these scrapbook albums can become personalized engraved scrapbooks by ordering the custom plate or imprinting options.


This binder/album set is an ideal storage system for valuable photographs, genealogical records, journals, and other memorabilia as well.  This scrapbook album set is made of all acid-free materials and adhesives with durable library quality covering and is available in 6 colors.  Made in the USA.


Binder Details:

  • Use with all 8-1/2 x 11 3-hole punched Pages and Top-loading Sheet Protectors
  • Oversized to fit Tabbed Sheet Protectors
  • Heavy Duty 3-ring: 2" straight D-ring with Boosters
  • Holds approx. 50 pages
  • Reinforced Hinges
  • Pull Tab for Easy Removal from Slipcase

Slipcase Details:

  • Protects Contents from Dust & Pollution
  • Keeps Contents in Dark Storage
  • Provides a Protective Housing for the Binder


As you order your scrapbooking binders below, remember also to get any other acid-free scrapbooking paper and supplies that you might need.