Photo Albums

Unable to find the elusive "best" photo album solution, The Preservation Source decided to design and manufacture its own --  a photo album binder with slipcase set.

This deluxe photo album set is an excellent storage system for valuable photographs, genealogical records, journals, and other memorabilia.  Or use it in the office as a presentation or portofolio binder for a very professional image.

The set is made of all acid-free materials and adhesives with durable library quality covering and is available in 6 colors.  Made in the USA.


  • baby photo albums
  • wedding photo albums
  • family photo albums
  • missionary photo albums
  • a personalized photo album (by ordering custom labeling or imprinting)

Click below to view the details of our entire selection of photo albums.

As you order your professional presentation albums,  personalised photo album, or wedding photo album, remember to include acid-free paper, sheet protectors and 2-sided tape or Vue-all divided pages from the "Photo Album Pages" menu.