Digital Photo Storage

One of the most frequent questions we get is "what are the best ways to store and archive digital photos?"  Here we review various photo storage devices and give you our recommendation.


Memory Cards, Flash Drives

Digital memory cards were created as reusable, temporary photo storage devices for digital camera/recorder use.  Given their inherent limitations, possibility of corruption, and relatively high cost, these aren't optimal long-term digital photo storage devices.



Portable Digital Photo Storage

Whether you're traveling abroad or a professional photographer, sometimes you simply can't carry enough memory.  That's when a portable digital photo storage device comes in handy.

Portable digital storage devices are stand-alone hard drives that allow you to download and store the contents of your camera's memory card -- which is especially handy if you don't have immediate access to a computer or laptop.  If you find that you are often short on memory or if you travel extensively, a portable digital photo storage device may just be what you need.



Card Readers

Card readers -- though not a digital photo storage device -- are a fast and efficient way to transfer your digital photos from your digital memory cards to your computer.  Attach the card reader to your computer via a USB or FireWire port, insert your memory card, and, typically with faster transfer rates than most cameras, you'll be back in business in no time.



DVD Photo Storage, CD Photo Storage

The advantage of using DVDs or CDs for photo storage is that you have a hard-copy of your files archived.  You'll always have a backup available should your digital storage devices go down.  A digital photo storage archive, however, needs to be well organized -- by event and date -- so that you can easily retrieve a desired photo.



External Hard Drive Photo Storage

The advantage of using an external hard drive for photo storage is the large storage capacity and a computer's immediate access to those digital photos.  Again, photo archiving on an external hard drives requires good organization.

The disadvantage of external hard drive photo storage is that it is an electronic device subject to corruption and crashes.  So depending on your requirements, you may need to store a duplicate hard-copy.


Our Recommendation

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Below you can review and order our recommended brands of memory cards, portable digital photo storage device, card readers, cd and dvd photo storage, and external hard drives.