Antique & Heirloom Preservation

Heirloom preservation not only requires proper preservation supplies, but also textile restoration and cleaning services when items need repairing or refurbishing -- and the Preservation Source does both.

Below you will find a variey of preservation supplies for antique storage, cleaning antique quilts & antique linens, cleaning antique dresses, heirloom preservation bags, heirloom preservation boxes, archival textile storage boxes, and more.


In addition, The Preservation Source provides professional fabric restoration, antique quilt cleaning, clothing preservation, textile restoration and textile conservation work for both museums and individuals.


Take a few moments now to order your heirloom preservation supplies below.  BUT . . . if you are uncertain as to the best course of action to preserve fabric, to preserve antique clothing or other textile conservation, please give us a phone call or send us an e-mail with photos and we'll be happy to give you a complementary professional assessment.